Yoni Stem Kits (complete set)

Yoni Stem Kits (complete set)

Yoni Steaming is another form of self care for women. It has been around for years but its starting to get popular. Yoni steaming has so many benefits and who wouldn't love to pamper themselves while steaming that kitty for extra freshness.

Kit Includes:

1 steaming Basin

Herbs 🌿 for v-steaming


2 oz yoni oil

  • Product info

    Benefits of V- steaming



    🌸 wetness

    🌸 fertility

    🌸 tightness


    🌺 odor

    🌺 residue on uterus

    🌺 fibroid complications

    🌺 heavy cycles & cramps


    🌻 yeast infection

    🌻 Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

    When to steam the Kitty

    - just had a baby

    - if you get yeast infections

    - if sex hurts

    - if you want to remove bad bacteria from sex

     - if you have bad odor 

    - if you want to tighten the vagina

    - if you want to be wetter


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