Bulk Raspberry Leaf ( Rubus Idaeus)

Bulk Raspberry Leaf ( Rubus Idaeus)

Green loose leaf with pleasant aroma. Slightly tart taste but have many benefits. Packed with vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and other minerals.

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    Benefits of drinking Raspberry Leaf

    ~PMS symptoms (period pains, cramps & nausea).

    ~Help aid in fertility & used to help the uterus prepare  for pregnancy.

    ~Helps tone and tighten muscles in pelvic area and uterine walls, &          vaginal dryness.

    ~ Also used to help high blood pressure and blood sugar

    **If drinking as tea, for best results, bring filtered water to a boil, place loose teabin a tea ball ( one table spoon per cup) allow to steep until your desired strength.

    **irregular period yoni steam blends**

8 Ounces
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