Mens Beard Kit

Mens Beard Kit

Mens Beard Kit all you need in one kit.

Contains: Beard wash (Teakwood), beard oil, Beard Balm (Teakwood) and beard comb.

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    Beard Wash:

    Castile soap

    witch hazel

    vegetable glycerin, vitamin E oil

    Mahognny Teakwood essential oils 

    Safe for any skin type, a foaming lther forms so a little goes a long way, I recommend using aleast 2-3 times a week!

    Beard Oil: 

    Jojoba Oil

    Vitaman E oil

    Hemp Oil

    avocado oil

    Almond Oil

    All natural oils to help with growing the beard or making the beard more full. I recommend using atleast 3 tims a week, a few drops and massage into to beard evenly to have full affect.


    Beard Balm:

    Chebe powder

    chebe oil

    organic shea butter

    african cocoa butter

    olive oil

    argan oil

    jojoboa oil

    vitamin E oil

    Apply After wash, gently comb through will help with hydrating and moisturzing beard. Giving it a nice shine a little goes a long way.


    Beard comb:

    Fine-tooth wood comb 

    pocket size


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