Bulk Elderberry berries (sambucus nigra)

Bulk Elderberry berries (sambucus nigra)

Dark purple to black berries. These berries have a tart flavor that works great in a tea. Great for the first sign of cold or flu. High in vitamin C 

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    Most popular in use for fighting the flu. Helps shorten length and severity of flu.  **Also helps fight colds & viruses**.  Supports and strengthen the immune system. Contains cancer inhibiting properties, excellent source of vitamin A & C ( necessary for healing body during illness). Helps reduce upper respiratory inflammation. 

    ** Most commonly taken as a tea** or as syrup with raw honey**

    Add 10-12 oz water and ! tablespoon dried elderberries and any other herbs you are using to a small pot. Heat on high until tea starts to boil. Then turn heatdown to a low simmer for 15 minutes. Let tea cool in the pot for 5 minures, strain and enjoy your tea.

8 Ounces
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