Bulk Burdock Root Herb (Arctium lappa)

Bulk Burdock Root Herb (Arctium lappa)

Burdock Root is very good for the body it contains 102 minerals the body needs to be in a healthy state.

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    ~Benefits of Drinking Burdock Tea

    *Remove toxins from the blood &  bind metals

    * Increase circulation

    *Pancreas Health


    ** soothes eczema if made in a tinture**

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS- use with caution if there is an kidney disorder or GI issues.

    If drinking as tea, for maximum benefits bring water to a boil, add loose herb ( in a tea ball) one tablespoon per cup. Simmer for atleast 15 minutes, allow to steep until your desired strength, or even overnight.

8 Ounces
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